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KBIce Self Dispensing Nugget Ice Maker with Water Tank

Flurida brings you the 1st Portable self-dispensing nugget ice machine designed for your personal use. No touch, no scoop, soft crunch, self-dispensing nugget ice machine.

Flurida nugget ice maker requires purified or distilled water to prevent scale buildup, which can significantly improve the ice quality and ice production rate.

The FDW-F02 water filter side tank is equipped with high quality filter that can remove most dissolved solids in tap water and reduce TDS below 20 PPM, which reduce limescale buildup and make your unit last longer.

Flurida nugget ice maker produces crystal clear nugget ice using this water filter tank.


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NEXT GENERATION NUGGET ICE: The 1st and only self-dispensing nugget ice machine designed for your personal use. Made with BPA-free parts, R600, the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant and has a built-in, self-cleaning function to keep your unit clean and running efficiently.

ACCESSABILITY: The Self-dispensing Nugget ice maker is Clean, Mess-Free and Easy to Use. Just fill the reservoir with distilled, bottled, or RO purified water. Tap water with a hardness of <100 PPM is also acceptable. Within 25 minutes, you can enjoy soft, crunchy ice, just like the ice you love from your favorite restaurants.

CAPACITY: The machine has the capability to produce a maximum of 30 lbs. of ice per 24 hours (over 1lb an hour). In addition, it has an internal ice storage of 2 lbs., allowing you to enjoy nugget ice any-time hands-free.

AUTO REFILL: Water will be automatically refilled to Flurida nugget ice maker from its water tank on the side.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Flurida Nugget Makers come with limited 1-year parts and labor warranty. Our customer service team is readily available to answer any questions or provide quality assistance for all new and returning customers.


Production Capacity (75°F Air) 30 lb / 24 hr
Ice Storage Capacity 2 lb
Water Reservoir Capacity 100 fl oz
Drip Tray Magnetically Deteachable
Drain Plumbing NOT required
Water Supply Manual Fill
Water Fill Port Push to Open / Removable Door
Color ‎Stainless Steel, Black
Material Type Stainless Steel Front Panel With Plastic Glossy Black Body
Touch Buttons Clean, Dispense Nuggets, Make Nuggets
LED Notifications Cleaning, Water Level, Power, Making Ice
Operating Temperature 50~85 °F
Electrical Rating 120V / 60Hz / 2.5A
Refrigerant R600a
Unit Dimensions 12”W x 16”D x 17.5”H
Net Weight 40 lb
Installation Indoor Countertop
Side Tank Model No FDW-F02
Water Filter Model No Compatible ZeroWater 5 Stage Filter
Filtered Water Capacity 2.2 Gallons / 8.2 Liters
Filter Life (TDS<=20 ppm) 40 Gallons (150 Liters) for TDS 200 Tap Water / 10 Gallons (38 Liters) for TDS 400 Tap Water
Operation Temperatures 33 – 90 °F
Non-health-related Contaminant Reduction (NSF 42) Sediment; chlorine, taste and odor; particulate, rust, and total dissolved solids (TDS); limescale.
Health-related Contaminant Reduction (NSF 53) VOCs; calcium & magnesium; heavy metals such as Lead, Cu, Cr, Cd, Hg.
Side Tank W/Spigot & Base 6(L) x 15-5/8(W) x 17.5(H) ”
Filter Cartridge 4(DIA) x 7(H) “
Side Tank Weight 6 lb
Filter Cartridge Weight 1 lb 4 oz

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User Instruction

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