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Flurida Freestanding Ice & Water Dispenser

The Flurida Ice & Water Dispenser is an innovative 3-in-1 design that combines cubed crescent ice with room-temperature water in a single compact product. The freezer keeps ice cubes cold, not melting and available anytime. It can be placed anywhere in the office, break room, hotel, lobbies, home. Stainless look doors with silver accents give a modern look and sleek design.


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This dispenser allows you to enjoy cubed or crushed ice and hot or iced water with the touch of a button.

The two-evaporator cooling system and the ice freezer keep ice from melting and produce ice quicker.

Hot-gas defrost system makes the unit frost-free and maintenance free.

Bottled water, regular or RO water filtration system provides you with clean and great tasting water and makes it perfect for all applications.

Touch control brings you the simplicity to select and dispense your preferred types of ice or water.

Blue display and bright LED lights make it easy to use anytime and attractive to display anyplace.

On/Off switches can save energy and give you the flexibility to use ice and hot water.

Automatic alerts for water and filter will not allow you to run out of water or leave water contaminated.

Child safety design protects your children from burning.


Ice Type Crescent Cubed and Crushed Ice
Ice Production Capacity (70°F Air/50°F Water) 11 lb / 24 h
Ice Bin Capacity 9 lb
Ice Dispenser Automatic
Defrost Type Automatic
Water Type Hot and Cook
Hot Water Temperature 190 °F
Hot Water Production Capacity 1.1 gal/h
Hot Water Tank Capacity 1.8 L
Automatic Alert Water Shortage
On / Off Switches Ice Maker, Hot Water
Operating Temperature 50~100 °F
Water Supply Bottled Water, POU Filtered Water
Filtration System Optional, Not included
Electrical Rating 115V/60HZ/5.6A
Refrigerant R134a
Unit Dimensions 18-1/8”W x 20-1/8”D x 58-5/8”H
Net Weight 120 lb

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